Ground Up Construction Loans

Ground Up Construction Loans
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Ground Up Construction Loan Program

A “Ground Up Construction” loan program is designed to provide a streamlined financing solution to build single family, multi-family, and mixed use projects which are entitled or shovel ready. A Ground Up Construction loan is a great fit in the following situations:

At Hard Money Loan Lender, our Ground Up Construction loans close very quickly… in as little as 17 days at rates starting at 7.99%!! 

Our construction loans require very little documentation instead the underwriting is primarily based on the risk of the project itself! Our Ground Up Construction loans are a great way to acquire property to build a single family spec home or multi-family development. 

Ground up construction program provides you with the ability to close quickly by using a reliable & experienced lender as your financing partner documentation!

Program Summary

Loan Amount: $250,000 – $50 Million
Term Length: 6 – 36 months
Max LTV: Up to 75% 
Max LTC: Up to 85%
Amortization: Interest only
Interest Rate: Starting at 7.99%
Closing Time: 17 Days
Loan Use: Purchase, refinance, cash-out,
Construction on Entitled or Shovel Ready Land

Pro's About Ground Up Construction Loans:

What Do I Need To Qualify?

Eligible Properties for Commercial Bridge Loans

Single Family

Single Family is classified as one to four-unit residential use dwellings including condominium, P.U.D., townhomes, duplex’s, triplex’s, and quadplex’s. At, we will lend to real estate investors and entities looking to purchase, refinance, fix & flip, or buy to rent from $250,000+.

Mixed Use

Mixed-use blends residential and commercial uses into one integrated complex or building. At, we will lend to real estate investors in the following scenarios: purchase, refinance, bridge to stabilization, bridge to sale, cash out refinance or bridge to construction take out on mixed use projects with loan amounts from $250,000+.

MultiFamily Multifamily Value Add

Multifamily is a classification of housing where multiple units (5+ units) for residential use are contained within one or more buildings within one community or complex. At, we will lend to real estate investors looking to purchase or refinance multi-family properties with loan amounts of $250,000+.

Ground Up Construction Loans

For Builders, Developers, Investors and Home Buyers. Ground up construction loans from a single family spec home to a 1500 unit Planned Unit Developments (PUDs).

New programs allow individual borrowers to provide construction draws to their builders for owner occupied homes. 

Required Documents for Closing

Loan Fees and Costs

Prepayment Penalties

Is a Hard Money Loan Right For Me?

Need to close fast? Hard Money Loans are a great fit!

Benefits of our Ground-Up Construction Loans:

Approval Process

Close in as little as 3-7 Days with 5 easy steps!



Submit Loan Request



Upload Documents & Accept LOI



Valuation & Title Ordered



Final Legal Review




Ground Up Construction Loans Made Easy! Apply Here!  For more information on Fix and Flip Bridge Loans Click Here!